We were in need of a company with a proven track record of Licensing and Certifying businesses within the State of Illinois, City of Chicago and Cook County Government. Like many others, we could not afford to waste valuable resources with the ‘Wrong Company’. Who could we trust with our confidential information? We were in need of someone that understood our operation and that would act immediately.

After our experience, there is absolutely no doubt that B2B Consulting & Training Services is the ‘Right Company’. They are a no nonsense operation that is Trustworthy and Professional.

On the same day that we placed the initial call, Capital Refrigeration & Equipment Specialists, LLC was registered with the State of Illinois. Within 60 days we were doing business with the State of Illinois. In addition, we received a plethora of recommendations that have saved us much needed start-up capital. If you are like us, do not waste valuable time; call the experts at B2B Consulting & Training Services

Anthony D. Bellamy, Managing Director of Capital Refrigeration & Equipment Specialists, LLC

Jennifer Masi

I heard nightmares stories from colleagues about the certification process when they tried to do it themselves. I was looking for a company that would avoid all of those problems. B2B Consulting & Training Services was the company! The process was easy and was completed very quickly.

Jennifer Masi, President of Flutter, Ltd.

Regina Dillard

B2B Consulting & Training Services has been a tremendous value-add for Worklife Solutions Virtual Assistants. Their knowledge and expertise in the areas of corporate structure, Organization Development and Business Opportunities has proven to be impactful to our business growth.

Regina Dillard, Owner of Worklife Solutions Virtual Assistants and Inner Sanctum Wellness

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